gilmoreart gilmoreart Artist from United States

I dig the rooster!

I like the Rooster.
Nice effort.

crystals crystals Human

Very cool, not your “typical” rock band t-shirt.
love the feather on the back…

mmaull mmaull Human

what the fuck does a rooster have to do with rocknroll. IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH ROCK N’ ROLL. PICK THIS DAMN SHIRT.

tmohs15 tmohs15 Human

yea george, if i saw this t-shirt at the merchandise table it would be my first pick foshodo.

cmohs cmohs Human

phatty design bra

MaryMO MaryMO Human


hotlunch hotlunch Human

Wow! I love that rooster, it’s very kings.

Of all the the designs on the page, this one jumped out at me the most. Nice work!

mdrd mdrd Human

Chicago loves this design!

wmarchant wmarchant Artist

Thanks all! To explain the rooster: http://www.wmarchant.com/2009/01/explanation-kings-of-leon.html

don’t turn your back on the rooster . . .

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