Muchi Muchi Artist from Puerto Rico, United States

this is nice! plis check out my designs :)

cool placement +1

please check my quiksilver design out, vote and comment is appreciated


Sublevel Sublevel Artist

You might want to center the designer and make it bigger. It has good potential!

Tigerpuss Tigerpuss Artist

I love the design, just the placement on the t shirt seems a bit odd. If you would wear this I’m afraid it would be at the cost of a wonderfull design :(

Catwings Catwings Human

I like the design but also not a big fan of the placement. It would probably look good if it were lower and wrapped around the side so the color is on one side and the black is on the other. The design itself is lovely.

unique placement :D +1

check mine too please :)

hilukasz hilukasz Artist from United States

very fun colors :)

Polette Polette Artist

beautiful!hey please check my first design for boys and girls :)

cwmccart cwmccart Artist

cool font. check my new one: http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/45686

piatal piatal Artist

i like it!+1
please check out my work

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