bbarchi bbarchi Artist

True…a wrap-around would be nice!!!

DeadPAUL DeadPAUL Artist

u like men

cherrry74 cherrry74 Human

Very very sensual!!! I get it now!!! I was about to say, what the heck?! But now I see it, I really really do!!!!

bbarchi bbarchi Artist

Thanks Everyone!!! And Seth, as long as you show the love for the shirt, it’s all good…Appreciate the support!!!

i really like this design!

Lis112 Lis112 Human

Luv it!!!

vonnie79 vonnie79 Human

Mmm, even though she’s anonymous-she looks soooo familiar, LOL. I likes!!

I am not your Brother, like MSSANDY, LOL, but I do like the shirt. I would also be proud to call you my brother. but I don’t luv ya

TheBee TheBee Human

excellent work

bbarchi bbarchi Artist

Thanks for the Luv Everyone! Keep it coming…


Oh… Bel you captured the essence of my silhouette, thank you baby brother.
I love every one of your designs. You make me so proud to call you my brother. I luv ya!

jecika712 jecika712 Human

love the effect

Joho22 Joho22 Human

this is hot.
you’ve got my vote for sure,
are you going to incorporate her hair into a wrap around? maybe to some of the back?
would really add that little extra to the shirt.

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