gilmoreart gilmoreart Artist from United States

is that betty page?

huffdesigns huffdesigns Artist

Not her, but a very close look-a-like. Thanks for the vote. I just wanted to go opposite than everyone else. Plus you have to have girls in rock music.

CheckRock CheckRock Human

agreed, must have women for rock.

don’t think they’ll let you use betty page…..

+1 though

dhill dhill Human

“...Betty, Betty, where can you be? I haven’t seen the likes of you in Hustler magazine…”

It isn’t Betty, and I hope she wins.

huffdesigns huffdesigns Artist

what pin up girl doesn’t look like her. I don’t plan on winning, there are some awesome designs on here. Good luck to everyone.

I love the this shirt.

inourdr inourdr Human

Nice design Twiggy. You should do some of my merch.

Polette Polette Artist

love it!love pin ups! please check my design too :)

gohuff gohuff Human

awesome!!! great job!

if i had those legs….

dmarch dmarch Human

kick ass, hope you win!

Farmill Farmill Human

Even the cutout of the girl is terrible.

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