t-hawk t-hawk Artist

high five!

ncaged ncaged Human

I would like to talk with you about t shirt design for my clothing line I am starting up. Could you email me so we can talk? thank you

Sasquate Sasquate Artist

JEEZ! +1

how can i buy this shirt???

usual great stuff from Jimiboy.

Amorphous Amorphous Human from OH, Egypt

nice one +1

Bilbuz Bilbuz Artist

you should replace the current quiksilver designers, this is the lost soul of the brand!

big BIG BIG man!!!


Hennery99 Hennery99 Human

Wow this is fantastic and attractive T-shirts, I also want to buy, can you provide me some more information.

research papers

What would people wind up, when there were no such great people like writer of the article? I do not know but without plus size clothing we would be in a trap

locoone locoone Human

This article is awfully important for me and my friends also as outwear in the trend world

blatant55 blatant55 Human from New Zealand

I’m Polynesian and i dont see anything insulting about this design jimiyo, i quite like this design, simple yet more modern, the traditional ones (ta-tatau—tattoo) are a bit more detailed and follow certain geometric patterning that represent certain tribes, islands, cultures. Your design is free from that.

Like i said before and i know others have said it too in some of your posts, you got some mad skills.

Vanessa22 Vanessa22 Human

damkläder presents lot of new in its new collection. You should see it.

adaammm adaammm Human


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