digger digger Artist

I like the background, blends well with the type/fire +1

lydea lydea Artist

Sexy :) +1

nice! one more for you+1
please check out my designs and vote if you like them!
Good luck!

meg_widen meg_widen Artist

Beutifull! nice work on the flames thumbs up

Editor Editor Artist

Great simple design great work!

Ma zooo goed e man ! Lenny for Prez (yes, he can)

mvrisuela mvrisuela Artist

wow, those flames look hot with the typo.. well done.. badass design

pinoyskie pinoyskie Artist

simply nice..

Anneliess Anneliess Human

Knap gedaan Lennert ;) Succes nog! xxx

Da ‘s binnen eh burman! Heel chic!

Thijsert Thijsert Human

Brotha from anotha motha,

Tight design. Me like very much.

1 vote added.

Keep it real and in the hood.

Shizzle wizzle in the baptizzle


Somebody followed that tutorial exactly! good execution, shoulda put your own twist on it though.

Hilz Hilz Human

Dark, raw, hot, simple, beautiful.
I would definitely buy this t-shirt!

This Shirt “is on fire”. Cool!

Mohacsy Mohacsy Artist from Victoria, Australia


Quanto Quanto Human

Knap! Mijn stem hebde

iLuMinate iLuMinate Human

Here in Lapland we don’t see sutch awesome shit !!!
This design is the bom

Can’t beat the old flames!

I love you…..r ontwerp !!!!

Nice ontwerp Lennert!!!

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