medium pleeease

enser enser Human

Such a brilliant print – one of my favourites, love the silver detail in person.

scurley scurley Human

reprint reprint!

BradGrose BradGrose Human

This shirt is awesome! Please reprint in medium!

enser enser Human

Great designs, great colors. In the mail-

Mochem Mochem Human

small reprint please

Size Large reprint please. Great shirt.

sturkberg sturkberg Human


Please :]

medium print please

adio80 adio80 Human

medium reprint also!

GrosPlante GrosPlante Artist

It’s my favorite one. I wear it on every profile pictures!

wearing this right now :)

frisbee frisbee Human

thanks fo reprinting this dbh, -bought a medium
nice design!

Ricotalon Ricotalon Human

Yes reprinted in small and a sale! Thank You DBH :)

Thank you DBH for re-printing this. I will definitely be buying one very soon. Now if only you would re-print Mine Shaft 4..

frisbee frisbee Human

medium reprint +1

billiam billiam Human

And yet another medium reprint request.

This is such a great shirt! A must for a reprint!

kmn12 kmn12 Human

Reprint in medium pleasssssseeeeeee

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