Polo_Deod Polo_Deod Human

Reprint in Large please !!!

Reprint in Medium and I will buy.

mens medium please :)

Ricotalon Ricotalon Human

Reprint in small thanks!

Joho22 Joho22 Human

I really like this design,
only gripe is maybe the satellite should be a little lower.

AKennedy AKennedy Human

reprint in a small and i would for sure buy it

cjm4534 cjm4534 Human

aww itz fine to me…..shhh… they are listening.

Aww, I wish this was in a medium.

small please!!!!

Leviathan Leviathan Human

Medium and i’ll buy!

barbd barbd Human

Men’s medium please!!

joehoracek joehoracek Artist from Nebraska, United States

great idea & drawing

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