Very. Very cool. Gratz on getting printed.

Edword Edword Artist

congrats! love the colors!

ladykat ladykat Human

This is beautiful! If I can dig up some extra cash, I’m so buying it…

soo buying this!! congrats

Penelope Penelope Human

I really really want this shirt. So much.

ste7en ste7en Artist from United States

congratulations, I might pick this up

reefer420 reefer420 Human

awesome – i need this!

God I want this in small so bad.

Pax2017 Pax2017 Human

Please Please Please reprint in medium! I love this one.

Would a large shrink to fit a normally medium wearing guy? My girls shirt shrank so it fits me perfectly; but I don’t want this one to be too big, i’m buying it as a gift

smonbro smonbro Human from United States

yeah the shirts do shrink when you wash them I’m glad I ordered a medium instead of a small or else I’d be too tight.

mebisco mebisco Human

this shirt will shrink a bit folks so watch out. also be sure your shirt is a large (don’t just go off what the tag says). my “large” shirt shrunk to the point where it is now too small to wear (they admitted that it might have been printed on a wrong size), and unfortunately customer service for this company is a joke. great work on the design though iotadial…wish i could wear it.

smonbro smonbro Human from United States

awesome shirt i want one!

jucestain jucestain Human

Get this in medium prease.

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

bought this! although i was afraid the butterflies would look too girlie, haven’t had problems with that. the overall look is great. one of my favourite shirts. thank you!

ashleyyy ashleyyy Human from United States

I have this one. I was just wondering if the new shirt style fits similarly to this one? has anyone that has this one purchased any of the new style shirts?

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