I love it!

Jebs Jebs Artist

felicitations casa!!!! super content pour toi! quand j’ai gagné ca a été un grand bonheur, mais tee of the week, la c’est le pied intégral j’imagine. tu verras, leurs tees sont superbissimes!

Received my shirt today. It looks fantastic. Absolument superbe. As a fellow artist, thank you! Imagination rules!

casajordi casajordi Artist from France

MissingLynx————-Merci !

bought one.

and it finally came in today.

i like it.

aniogn916 aniogn916 Human
pretty amazing.
drew_hytt drew_hytt Human

bought it, love it, detail is crazy.

surfer112 surfer112 Human

Love everything about this save the size of the butterfly. Otherwise I think i’m still going to buy it since this is clearly some quality work.

Soae-kreation Soae-kreation Human from Spain

Muy bonita.

jrose916 jrose916 Human

I want this shirt but it’s all sold out in my size! :( Medium

blakwolf blakwolf Human

please reprint in women’s medium and and small and men’s small.

jrose916 jrose916 Human

When will dbh realize we want this to be reprinted??

latch latch Human

reprint please!

Baku Baku Human

Please reprint M for men

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