Polette Polette Artist

nice art and colors +1 …please check my design too :)

Nice! Could also be called Neon Autumn—not a title critique; I just find it extremely interesting because we don’t usually associate one with the other, but that certainly seems to be the effect it has! +1

The placement is sufficient as far as my eye is concerned. I just wish there were more red on the front of the shirt to better balance the green and white—an effect achieved successfully when you can see the entire design.

Also, I dunno about that deer….perhaps another white tree would be better?

pampidub pampidub Artist

wow amazing +1 for you…

check out my worx….
vote is appreciated

thank you

neonbrown neonbrown Human

This shirt is way sick!!! I want one now.

SickSurf SickSurf Artist

ok dude im feelin it….but erase that black outline. its easy just magic wand the background in photoshop then go to “select” at top and click “similar” then just “backspace” the background outa there. itll make it look smoother, not only that but it helps to convince the viewer to see your vision. and if thats how yo meant it to look then cool, i dont mean to talk down to you. overall good though dude. BEZ

squintz squintz Artist

yeah that was my bad. I have a really old monitor and I couldn’t see that dumb black box around the image when I submitted it. I feel like an idiot for leaving that there but hopefully everyone gets the idea.


check my latest design dude :)

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