You know, I’m just going to throw a spanner in and say white, because while the black on black effect is lovely, and does bring out the colours, I don’t wear black tees.

And it’s all about me.

You got my vote though.

Olechka Olechka Artist from United States

Nice! I like the typography on the black shirt, and the airplane image on white or gray. If I had to pick one or the other, I’d go with black also :) +1

CathieT CathieT Human

I’m voting black, just because Lucan said white.

No, seriously .. on black, becuase of the black on black typography – and the fact that the planes get a little lost on the white.

Just my vho.

bombadeo bombadeo Human

I was going to say white ‘cos I like to sleep when I’m flying in the dark :) I actually think it really comes down to how ‘bold’ you like to be wearing T’s – the black’s obviously just more subtle and has great contrast (black for me). Give me gin and tonic…

Mel_Kerr Mel_Kerr Human

I likey it. Tough call…black or white? I think black on black is a pretty cool mix.

I of course am not cool but I live in Melbourne which is cool and black is the new black here so yeah…


jumpy jumpy Artist from Australia

lovely dubbly bubble brother, I like black because Cathie is always right

Danny07 Danny07 Human

I voted because you bought me a drink

b_ryce b_ryce Artist

i think white looks better on the screen. and i would like both, but i can imagine how good the black would look when printed so…....BLACK +1

sasufi sasufi Artist

Because I didn’t want to lose you forever.

sasufi sasufi Artist

And I’d get a black thanx.

malattia malattia Human

buy me a drink too, and i ll vote you

pampidub pampidub Artist

wow amazing +1 for you…

check out my worx….
vote is appreciated

thank you

Adamtuh Adamtuh Artist

black one 4 sure… voted

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