lenngren lenngren Human

This should be re printed right away. I could do without the back illustration though.

Ah, darn. I was going to buy it until I saw the back… hmmm.

anody anody Human

WHY THERE’S NO REPRINT? I want someone from DBH to answer.

ryder123 ryder123 Human

reprint please

Devinkg14 Devinkg14 Human

What’s a guy gotta do to get a reprint around here? Please, sir, I would much appreciate the opportunity to buy your fine merchandise. I’ve been waiting until this one gets reprinted to purchase another shirt.

mykelsss mykelsss Human

without the back illustration!~

plz reprint, plz

I love the back illustration..It’s the evolution of an artist-the majority of children without artistic abilities would draw a picture of a dinosaur this same exact way-but for those special few, the back would be the outcome, not to mention it adds to the comedy of the shirt as well as the happy nature (from the front).

also-reprint please ;).. I missed this when it was printed and was quite envious of all the lucky buyers.

dcj1991 dcj1991 Human

The cries of the people demand a reprint…give us a reprint PLEASE this shirt is so awesome…plus summer is approaching and I can’t go this summer without this shirt to wear

davidth90417 davidth90417 Human from United States

please reprint!!!

kinga49 kinga49 Human



Posted this in the thread for reprints, hope ti gets reprinted soon! =D

We can only hope.

eembach eembach Human from TX, United States

Fingers crossed

Chreck Chreck Artist


No, seriously, this should be reprinted. This needs to be on my torso.

davidth90417 davidth90417 Human from United States

Please reprint in Large. I’m in for three.

Guiseblack Guiseblack Human from Maine-Brunswick, United States

Yes, I agree with all of the above- Reprint ;)!!

eembach eembach Human from TX, United States

Would really like to get this shirt, reprint please.

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