amazing illustration keep it up the good work

bluemonkey bluemonkey Artist

very nice!
check out my designs : ) vote if you like what you see, thanks

altamar altamar Human

lovely koala=)


yehteh’s stars, tough bite man…

uh? ok so…i cant draw some stars in my designs cuz are from other artist?
:/ i dnt understand you man…i draw my own type of stars…so i dnt know what your talking about.


your own type of stars? LINK come on man… let’s not start a debate

the guy even has 2 shirts printed here, both have those stars wolf tee and live long and prosper

im not fightning. just giving you an advice, and protecting a friend’s work.

ok akoutou…i dont give a crap dude, if he draw stars or if it looks like my stars or if is a black shirt…man your wasting your time

tanto se lo mama al artista, no se cual es su show? estoy empezando en esto y ya quiere tumbarme.

rasefour rasefour Artist from Indonesia

nice one…..

why akutou write garbage?uh?

MyRocket MyRocket Artist

cool shit! +1

Folkensio Folkensio Artist from Mexico

haha i like it

zebra4 zebra4 Artist from United States

dimension supposed to be spelled wrong?

No, I spelled wrong haha, is with one M

jaja me gusta la expresión! y los colores

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