That’s the BEST!!!!!!!!!!

Another one of those shirts where I like a bunch of different elements but the gestalt comes out looking bad. Great colors, especially though.

trige trige Artist

hmm this is at my top 5 list for sure!

darruda darruda Artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Excellent work+1

Sublevel Sublevel Artist

Thanks a lot ladies and gentlemen! I am very glad about all your great response.

iuliux iuliux Artist

Quick silver won’t feel sorry for collaborating with DBH...
I’m just sure after seeing this piece of art :)
Of course you got my vote!

BrianaB BrianaB Human

you, birdie3431, mowka and Kmeleon has the best designs!!!

MaryPool MaryPool Artist

The bird and font is very cool in this design! I love the line quality and all the swirls.

Thank you for your comment on my Kings design also :)

best of luck !

raginor raginor Artist from United States


Sublevel Sublevel Artist

And rasefour: The Bird is handdrawn with a Wacom Tablet. No brushes or tribals used.

marcelolima marcelolima Artist

I really like this! thank you for your comment! :)

xela xela Human

somebody knows what there doing !!!

saltyshadow saltyshadow Artist from China

love the snowy feel, voted!

pinoyskie pinoyskie Artist

ohh i missed seen this shirt , i love the moods of the artwork overall +1

BYJCG BYJCG Artist from Monterrey, Mexico

very nice!!

lexlevie lexlevie Artist

I like the vibe. good job
you have my vote!
will you support me?

Sublevel Sublevel Artist

Thanks again for all your fabulous support!

Koudwater Koudwater Artist

Unbelievable tee! Not only quiksilver theme but also beautifull illustrated ! +1

Check mines as well:

Sr_Correia Sr_Correia Artist

Amazing Work! Voted! +1
Good luck!
Check my work please

palisi palisi Artist

love the bird in there, impressive line work: voted.

you’re invited to check out my design.
come over for a glimpse or a stare, whatever you prefer.



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