frenchhowls frenchhowls Artist from Quebec, Canada

I don’t understand the illustration.. but I definitively love the overall look of it and would buy that tee.. It’s my love at first sight of the day.

keeten keeten Artist

same with kllishaw. Love it but dont understand the illustration. all i see is a barcode and peace.

it’s a peace sign and the middle finger intertwined, breaking through the barcode. i guess the original 4’x 4’ illustrates it a lot better, but didn’t want to be too blatant on a t-shirt. after seeing it on the site i agree it’s hard to see the detailed lines that make up the hand/hands. thanks for the comments. can always use some constructive criticism.

Mymil Mymil Human

I have to second not quite understanding it, but realy liking the composition in general. Is it supposed to be… a peace sign heart/hand?

frollman frollman Human

I like it. love the hand!

fayebla fayebla Human

reminds me of slipknot, but it’s still cool.

Holy crap, that’s awesome. I for one don’t really care too much for political messages, but in terms of pure design this is beautiful and unique! The barcode going over the back of the shirt, the great placement of the overlapping hands—I would buy this in a hot second.

0n3fat3 0n3fat3 Human

like it a lot I like the different colors of the fingers you dont see the hand right away but i would buy it.

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