apanapola apanapola Artist

I absolutely adore this design!!! The head-helmet is fantastic!!!+vote!! Check my pirate too if you like!!

Vince Vince Artist

i like it, when there is a simple form or frame(the gasmask) of the image filled with much content; imagination and details.

has a psychodellic touch. reminds me actually not very much of “the day of dead” romero movie, more of his “the crazies”. the flames in the eyes would i paint more darker and stronger, in contrast to the mask and light shirt, more expressive.

but all in all, good artwork. i vote this. this is something i could buy and wear.

microbio00 microbio00 Artist

+1 woooooob men, is very cool!!!...….…please look my work.


eyehopi eyehopi Artist

Would make a seperb Tat, Dig it,

lexlevie lexlevie Artist

reminds me of a mexican wrestling mask. +1

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