apanapola apanapola Artist

PAinterly, like the ones u don’t get to see often in t-shirts, adorable design…+vote!! Check my pirate too if you like!!

Adamtuh Adamtuh Artist

looks nice on the shirt… voted

heavyprints heavyprints Artist from Alabama, United States

I think it’s beautiful.

chienchien chienchien Artist

looks nice. i like the painting style. voted.

gsdjj gsdjj Artist

i like the second one

Able Able Artist

Me likey one on left + 1

I like the one on the left also. +1

check out mine


ste7en ste7en Artist from United States

this piece creates a nice, if slightly eerie atmosphere

Taalis Taalis Artist

Very interesting style and tehnique. You get my vote!

swoer swoer Artist

Very beautiful style!!! +1

beautiful. love the washed out colors.

WOW! Really dig the style and atmosphere! +1


really nice design, and I loved the colors.

lexlevie lexlevie Artist

beautiful. +1

fabiofranca fabiofranca Artist

the second one… very nice..

Amaterasu Amaterasu Human

The second one is great.

Xeltius Xeltius Human

I like the transition from photo to watercolor. The color scheme and texture are really doing it for me.

tinakhal tinakhal Artist

looks awesome!!!

Shah Shah Artist

great style i love the tee +1

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