microbio00 microbio00 Artist


pampidub pampidub Artist

yeah good job +1 for you….

check out my my design
vote n’ comment is appreciated
thank you….

lazuli lazuli Human

maked me very warm feeling jemii =) CUUUTE!!!

dnagunn dnagunn Human

great design and contrast

nikkimac nikkimac Human

make a wish! I’ll take two.

bjjgirl bjjgirl Human


dandelions and daydreams…make a wish!

Very nice simple and sometimes thats all you need :) +1
looks better for the girls then the guys ;)


tako tako Human

TANPOPO! for girls!

jemii jemii Artist

here’s a detail view

Janice Janice Artist from Tasmania, Australia

LOVE it. +1. have always loved dandelions… just can’t help myself somehow.

love the details in the dandylions… +1

homs023 homs023 Human

dandelyons huh? Looks even cooler in detail.

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