pampidub pampidub Artist

yeah good job +1 for you….

check out my my design
vote n’ comment is appreciated
thank you….

Chubby Chubby Human

I do like my DNA on the outside, great job!

nikkimac nikkimac Human

Dudes will like this one. Girls will alway s be poking at their chests looking at the ants. :P 5 stars.

bjjgirl bjjgirl Human

:) cool

What a Superior Homo Sapienz DNA details, eh!?



tako tako Human

Ants attack beehives! Ants vs. Bees!

Can be really fun for kids.

bluemonkey bluemonkey Artist

this is cool,
nice placement : )
and nice colours


homs023 homs023 Human

I. need. one.

Shah Shah Artist

nice and simple i like it +1 :)

check mine pls…..

Very, very cool.

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