I hope you’re not cheating, because I voted for you and I think you deserve to win without any fake votes.

JennyMan JennyMan Human

Did you win!?

gilmoreart gilmoreart Artist from United States

I wasn’t gonna say anything but I had a minute to check some of your comments and you said this:

“Why don’t you guys go make those comments on gilmoreart or mylittledemon, they all have exactly what you mentioned.”

..in reference to cheating votes, and I really don’t appreciate the accusation as I have not done any cheating. I don’t need to create any response for my design.

lailla85 lailla85 Artist

I think my comment came out wrong. The guys above said were talking about ppl who have comments that are generally by new members and I meant that it doesn’t mean there’s cheating involved as other members like yourself have the same thing.

gilmoreart gilmoreart Artist from United States

Not only do I think you are a cheat but your design is f***ing lame.

ElePhatt ElePhatt Human

Who votes for this?!

pffff lol

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