suburbanhijinx suburbanhijinx Artist from Detroit, MI, United States

I like this.

i like it bro….

SHTApparel SHTApparel Artist

Thank you guy/gals. Appreciate the feedback.

SantoMuerto SantoMuerto Artist

Clean cool colors Voted4ya

rasefour rasefour Artist from Indonesia

wow bloody…. +1

gaunty gaunty Artist from California, United States

I like the background texture.

seepeer seepeer Artist

good colour choose

kniso kniso Artist

Crazy :) + 1

trige trige Artist

yeah i think same for the colors!style is amazing too. also i love frank, soo voted :)

joehoracek joehoracek Artist from Nebraska, United States

yes! I am really diggin the colors too. gots my vote! :)

HannahM HannahM Artist

Nice, good colours! >> Voted <(^^,)>

alexvedi alexvedi Artist

great design +1

I invite you to see my firts design in DBH



SHTApparel SHTApparel Artist

Thank you guys and girls.
Glad it’s getting good reviews!

microbio00 microbio00 Artist

good good good good job!!!+1….…please look my work.



pampidub pampidub Artist

yeah good job +1 for you….

check out my my design
vote n’ comment is appreciated
thank you….

SHTApparel SHTApparel Artist

Thanks guys!

clip-arty vectors aren’t usually my style, but the design and colors deserve some props fer defz! +1

yonil yonil Artist from Israel

is this clip-art? not sure…...
if it’s not – i really like the whole thing – looks real good.

thats so cool….
vote +1….
good job….
please check my design “Kings Of Leon – Heart
and “Kings Of Leon – japanese lion
and vote if you like my design

Milki Milki Artist

Nice artwork

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