Field5 Field5 Artist

Voted:-) I like it very much, this is a PRO design, congratulations

Polette Polette Artist

beautiful!realistic+1!hey……please look my first work :)

I looked at EVERY design for the FM Unleashed design contest and this is the ONLY one which caught my eye and somehow managed put goosebumps on my arms ~


grillorocker grillorocker Artist from United States

Let me add – If I can’t win – I want you to win just so I can buy this shirt!!!

Love, love, love your design, even tough at first it I thought it made them look like a country band…but, this is by far my most favorite design on here!!! Great work!!!!

great effort sir! i just joined in too…

dudley53 dudley53 Human

This is one of the very good ones.

lisabrite lisabrite Artist

This is great. Nice artwork and color choices. Classy just like Fleetwood Mac! Check out mine, it’s on the 1st page, 2nd one called Thunder happens. Vote if you like it. Thanks.

Cesar-DCarabao Cesar-DCarabao Artist from Philippines

Ayus to tol! +1 Inuman n!

MyRocket MyRocket Artist

really great, man!

Adar93 Adar93 Artist

nice drawings

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