junioraltoe junioraltoe Artist from Brazil

Goood !!! +1

ecsu ecsu Artist from Brazil

i like anything that’s weird man.

u got my vote.

cockergod cockergod Artist

love the bright colors +1

chienchien chienchien Artist

hi there, I voted for this a while ago. I really like the lines.

wow, i like this one.


thanks for the vote…good composition on this one +1

tylerlukey tylerlukey Artist


bjangell83 bjangell83 Artist

nice work and like the colors +1

very cool design! +1

has a very twilight zone-feel to it!

dzeri29 dzeri29 Artist from Manila, Philippines

nice composition, +1

Inumocca Inumocca Artist from Indonesia

nice lighting bro..love it..+1

archy archy Artist from India

awesome one…..VOTED

ohno ohno Artist

back in the 80´s!? :P

Totally Radical!

The colors in this shirt are amazing!

Spritey Spritey Artist

Very beautiful work! Lots of layers of intricacy & attention to detail!

mvrisuela mvrisuela Artist

oh god, i’m in love with this one… ironically makes me want to dance!

presh presh Artist from United States

Cool! +1

This could be cool, except the flags suck.

deepflare deepflare Artist

wow amazing +1 for you…

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