Grayson Grayson Artist

i like this, looks like it would have an amazing story behind it, like in a book or something. haha

lgp88 lgp88 Artist

very interesting.

if you could smooth this out a little and add some color, i would totally wear it- love the idea. +1

rasefour rasefour Artist from Indonesia

love this…. +1 +1

+ + +!!!!!

zealot zealot Artist

nice design.. I like IT.. see my design too? vote is much appreciated.. +1

oorion oorion Artist

very good sketch, i love it. but placement could be better )

love it.

pampidub pampidub Artist

wow awesome +1 for u…

check also my designs
vote is appreciated

thanks for the support

I love it! I reminds me of Disc-World, very other worldly. Seems very wise with the turtle and tree; lifeforms that can live to very old age.

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