I’ve told all my friends about your art, so hope they vote for you.

The emotion on her face is very deep… as if she’s wanting you to feel her pain or maybe her battle within..? She’s crying out for help it seems and she uses what she knows to make her statement be heard.. ..? She’s beautiful with her hair creating so much movement throughout the entire drawing!!! It’s very moving especially how you’re drawn to her face which speaks to you in a way.. . .I love it! ; )

Ballin_Al Ballin_Al Human

I gotta give it up to my nigga Justin. Man, u is a down a rida and u r goin places u heard! We got the old schools that are straight clownin…lemme get that shirt right now!!

Kelly916 Kelly916 Human

You got my vote! I reeeaally like it I think it’s really creative and artistic.!

Hey i just want to show you my love and vote! you are a great artist! i loved your art very unique!!!!!!

Haydee_82 Haydee_82 Human

Very talented!

great design, very talented, would love to see it out in the stores

The art on this shirt is amazing.. the shading detail lo0ks as though the cotton is a peice of paper.. I do love the babytee however for the AZ summer i do prefer tank tops. I would love to see designs like this in stores. my closet would be full of them.

Alexica Alexica Human

Absolute magnificence!! I expected nothing less coming from you luv. You always take great care and pride in all that you create. It shows, luv.

Awesome work!!

This is really interesting, I would deffinetly wear this. Lots of personality.

This is a very incredible piece of Art. I’m an Artist myself. But I’m so busy havent really put my talent into use for a while. But this art is awesome.

love the work! it’s definitely different in a good way

salatini salatini Human

Very unique!!! I love it!!!

love it hun!

QMab QMab Human

Defiantly needs to be printed. You don’t see something like this everyday!

yummy yummy Human

Absolutely “AWESOME” art work. I’ll sport if it was printed out and I know other will too. I like it! Good job!

maquino maquino Human

This design is definitely worth getting printed! You can tell the artist took time in the details of the artwork. Good luck!

emulababy emulababy Human

amazing. i got lost in the art for a minute. haha
loves it.

gotta luv it,cant get enuff,actually.
lemmi kno if u win,ill sport that ish 2the fullest!!!
>;D good luck justin!!

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