sick shirtttt.

Trob Trob Human


seyvion seyvion Human

this is a badd @$$ shirt

russoturisto russoturisto Human from Russia

hey :D

Mango Mango Human

Interesting to say the least I enjoy it.

Frenetis Frenetis Human

Nice composition and color choices.

mikec mikec Human

I just received this shirt, it’s AWESOME.

jsheldon jsheldon Artist from United States

reprint this!

PLEASE REPRINT!!! this design is sickk!!

MTerry MTerry Human

I just received this (my first from DBH)yesterday and wore it out last night. I love it. I hope there are more of this quality to come. I promise to buy every one that I like. Sadly though, so far, this is it.

Here is quetion for you guys that have one. Are these regular t-shirt fit or the “athletic fit” shirts with the really short sleeves that are tight on the arm?

visual80 visual80 Artist

super cool…

dave88 dave88 Human

Very Nice!

a medium would be chill

mandoman mandoman Human

Looks great! Just bought one, can’t wait!

smonbro smonbro Human from United States

nice design just bought one!

rytg21 rytg21 Human

Agree with thelovepizza…any ideas when itll be available again?

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