shontoon shontoon Artist

very cool

mkdesign mkdesign Artist

Voted! I really dig it! Check out mine- Africa and Skate or Die, if you get the chance! Keep it up!

DrKrage DrKrage Artist

Hey, you were the first voter for my design.
Here’s my vote. Your design is very interesting.

gaunty gaunty Artist from California, United States

V nice!

darruda darruda Artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is so nice!+1

rasefour rasefour Artist from Indonesia

very wild and rawk… +1 +1

trige trige Artist

really cool!

shatteredfx shatteredfx Artist

Love to see that in shirt! voted +1

shantyshawn shantyshawn Artist from New York, United States

This should have more votes.

digger digger Artist

Nice, good design +1

dubiana dubiana Artist

+1 !!:) greetz

del_core del_core Artist
shatteredfx said: Love to see that in shirt! voted +1

my fav!!!+1

Busenitz Busenitz Artist

This is completely off the heez!
I love the colors of the color palette which I can find back it most of your art.

BassTard BassTard Artist

VERY nice illustration. Ruined by the border, in my opinion. Voted :)

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