silverqe silverqe Artist

It’s a great style, but it really looks like her boobs are splurtting colorful paint. :(

katschy katschy Human

Funny to me that people can’t see that her back is to the viewer, ha ha! If the wings were wider horizontally or spread out a bit, it would make a beautiful wraparound T-shirt image; on its own, though, it’s just gorgeous.

gorgeous color in the wings.

PavoMuticus PavoMuticus Artist

Beautiful! I love your style! +1

jemii jemii Artist

the placement is a little scary but i love the line quality.

please check out my work.
votes+comments greatly appreciated.


cegrafia cegrafia Artist

yeah!!!! great!!!!


+1 dude

so17ccer so17ccer Artist

I think I would like this if it was smaller…But love the illustration +1

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