Muchi Muchi Artist from Puerto Rico, United States

impresive – Grats :)

dinosaurs & robots are always cool!

iuliux iuliux Artist

this one’s cool…

i like!

ElePhatt ElePhatt Human

congrats on the win :D

nice print, im liking the colors alot

saargil saargil Artist

Lookin’ good!

Ruben-RY Ruben-RY Human


suresh suresh Artist from Ap, India

can u check all my designs and me suggestions…
am a new bee in designing…
hope from u ….
thank u

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

Crazy. Just crazy. Great colors, great design.

Please check out my design: http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/50598

jelley00 jelley00 Human

Awesome T, mine just arrived!! :)

samanpwbb samanpwbb Artist

lookin’ good jelley.

and thanks for all the comments!

sHiBaN sHiBaN Human

loooove the colors

aries13 aries13 Artist

got this shirt

soooo sweet

lilfado lilfado Human

the colors of this shirt…...i stare at it every time!

deadspirit6 deadspirit6 Human from India

yeahhh congrats..the color palette rox..love the style!

Such a rad shirt.

Reprint small mens!

mausienna mausienna Artist

que buenos colores!


vee123 vee123 Human

hey this shirt is awesome
when does new stock come on for mens S or M??

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