vote,...keep support!!rock on,..mas!!

love this weird but great illo. nice!

jinroboy jinroboy Artist


nibbuls nibbuls Artist

I like the design a lot. Check out my design if you get a chance.

SaLoMuN SaLoMuN Artist

Cool design! +1!

i thinks red color will be use full for this design.
vote +1

sign sign Human

better!! +1

13thlover 13thlover Human

this’s better..+1

buddy79 buddy79 Artist from United States

haha, cool!Check out my submissions n vote if you like it!

brazildude brazildude Artist

yea this one is WAY better +1

gemadha gemadha Artist from East Java, Indonesia

dah q vote..
jadikan Indonesia trensetter seni d dunia…

SantoMuerto SantoMuerto Artist

Crazy cool skull piece

yup, much better than the first one. +1

Joyker Joyker Artist

Nice idea

prOscar prOscar Artist

I like it +1 check my designs vote if you like them.

Smx554 Smx554 Artist

Awesome! +1
Critique me if you’ve got some spare time?

juutin juutin Artist

dude awesome design, love the style.

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