i love this design it is like the ronaldhino of shirt!

Senthrax Senthrax Human

Lookin good m8. attractive design

DesignFactory DesignFactory Artist from India

Hmm Nice one. +1


this design is awesome +1

BeeryMethod BeeryMethod Artist from Illinois, United States

very choice!

apanapola apanapola Artist

dark and menacing!! and very designish!! +Voted!! check my pirate too if u like!!

love it +1

neocmjc neocmjc Artist from Colombia

excellent design, please check out mine

cincotta25 cincotta25 Artist from United States

Very cool and looks great on a shirt!

pkim9308 pkim9308 Artist

Legit Style +1 voted. Im liking the chill feeling it gives. dang makes my submission look bad =( haha

dxtr dxtr Artist

this is awesome.+1

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

nice artwork

Roland Roland Human

Voted mate. Like the look of the black best, looks more like ink. Either one looks great though, love the design.

Hodizzle Hodizzle Human

Another good one, no. Don’t like this one as much as the others though.

darruda darruda Artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Beautiful art!

Joyker Joyker Artist

Very Very cool, you have my vote, I’d love to have this tshirt.

Vote for mine too!

clistere2 clistere2 Human

splashy :D +1

gerrit gerrit Artist

looks dirrrty! i like! plus one

feels cold and ashy. that’s sweet

tealesm tealesm Artist from CO, United States

good lookin’ t man :)

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