TrickinSid TrickinSid Artist

I like it…!

rev-guru rev-guru Artist

Crazy, love it +1. Have a look at my work, see what you think.

interesting design, colors and everything blend grea. +1

si-ajidz si-ajidz Artist

vote for this design..
nice colours, great idea and placment..
+1 from me..
could you check my new design called“faces of truth and lie’s”
hope you like it..
and i really much appreciated if you vote for this one

zerg zerg Artist

i don’t really get it, but its somehow beautyful :D +1

nomhak nomhak Artist from Manitoba, Canada

Love the coloring, delicious.

aletorre13 aletorre13 Artist

cool art man, +1

circean circean Artist

Love the use of color!

i have no idea what that is, but the colors are great and it looks awesome. +1

darruda darruda Artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Silver rocks!

Joyker Joyker Artist

Cool colors
Vote for my submissions!

starmtrank starmtrank Artist

i love it on that silver! +1

gerrit gerrit Artist

this is actually really nice!

tealesm tealesm Artist from CO, United States

diggin’ it!

kasraaa kasraaa Artist

thumbs up.voted.plz check out mine.

zacatkinson zacatkinson Artist

Very cool :)

hampoofegg hampoofegg Artist

Thanks Taylor for posting that, kinda cheating voting on my own work, but we’re working together….....so I guess it’s not.

La la la llaaaaaaaaav the colors in this. Mmm. So refreshing. Voted. :D

kspain2 kspain2 Artist

Very cool +1
please vote and/or comment on mine too….thx Any vote would be greatly appreciated

Nice job under!

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