afterlife00 afterlife00 Artist

oh wait, i want to rename the artwork, as “the galloping peacock” haha

afterlife00 afterlife00 Artist

thanks for all the comments and vote!!!

i mean allthingscrap is fag.. but the design is sick!!!

oh wait I forgot something to all those who loved that I think your GAY Choubak what a shit GAY name Gay ARTANTONI nERD bRAINBOX eMO dECONSTRUCT FUCK YOU BITCH TO ALL these people go fuck yourselves ass moron!!!

haha wat a fag ^^

wow!!...that’s mega bullshit are u gay of all things you can design why a peacock fagg and this goes to the people who join gay fuck site oh wait.. IS THAT peacock about to suck something …clue..Its COCK BITCH!!!what a gay club

choubak choubak Artist

great style i love it+1
please check my work

Brainbox Brainbox Artist

woe! Voted +1! Please check out my portfolio!

kspain2 kspain2 Artist

Got my vote +1

chienchien chienchien Artist

cool. nice. voted.

benrellick benrellick Artist

I LOVE those five lines hanging from the neck of the shirt, and I don’t know why. Awesome though.

afterlife00 afterlife00 Artist

thanks so much for the first 3 comments!!!


hermosas formas….

dekonstruct dekonstruct Artist

beautiful colors and a great layout. +1 from me.

rasefour rasefour Artist from Indonesia

very nice color…..

Shah Shah Artist

Awesome deisgn..
I like it~
+1 voted.

check mine pls…..

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