SantoMuerto SantoMuerto Artist

Nice drawing+1

aba2ca aba2ca Human

i would vote again if i could

akaenjal akaenjal Human

so effective, simple and well…..human! great job drinkmyperfume!

give him a pocket protector and it’s a definite win! really good illustration. +1 :]

he needs coffee too.


sisss sisss Human

lookin good sis!
diggin it -ssss

B-W-C B-W-C Artist

Would make a pretty sweet shirt.

cartooner cartooner Artist

nice line work

i dig the simplicity of the sketch on a white background. voted, check mine out if you get a chance.

looks good! Cheers!

zerg zerg Artist

like the style. +1

check out mine by time :D

TheAnswer TheAnswer Human

Realy cool

Smx554 Smx554 Artist


Cephalopods are getting smart enough for office work? Oh no…!!

Joyker Joyker Artist

xD funny

check out my designs!

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