deceiver deceiver Artist


hege hege Artist

terrific! voted

vinico vinico Artist

i dig it! +1 have a look at my designs, maybe you’ll like!

good typo design! but scary at least

hehe cheers bud!

ritzh ritzh Artist from Philippines

another typo.. cool! =D voted!

alnavasord alnavasord Artist from Colombia

nice charas…..._...voted

ejiboo ejiboo Artist from United States

sick! really menacing but then you look into it you get all of the type.

this is a really cool idea and i really dig the shapes you made in this, but i think the star wars theme puts off a lot of people. i mean, you’re pretty much labeled a nerd if you’re wearing a star wars shirt.

memokool memokool Artist

yeah!!! rocks! +1

nokx nokx Artist

NIIICE !+1!!! pls check my stuff thx!

killpride killpride Artist

+1 please do check out my designs n vote

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