RogerHaus RogerHaus Artist from Spain

Super +1

cbass99 cbass99 Artist from California, United States

pretty nice idea.

i really like this one. the colors are great!

Adamtuh Adamtuh Artist

nice…. +1

Sinigur Sinigur Artist

looks so strange :D but i like it

Kris-Khaos Kris-Khaos Artist

Very cool i like that :D

beachrain beachrain Artist

sweet, gotta love fake zippers and the colors!

toolgirl toolgirl Human

Might look REALLY good on a HOODIE!! :) Nice!!

very cool! thank you for welcoming me to dbh!!! love the design.

udin_grestz udin_grestz Artist

I like its combination of shapes and colors.great work,+1

that skull is wild. at first i thought you were making a statement about aids “like strap it up, or wrap it up” but the colors are tight. voted

biticol biticol Artist from Murcia, Spain

I like your design a lot. +1

lovely design. However, I ain’t hating but I you gotta be kiddin me. I mean 100 votes? Cmon lets be real here and vote for designs that actually deserve to be printed. Basically peole are now starting to grovel for votes or do favors. I see awesome designs that dnt get a single vote cos no one takes the time to browse submissions anymore. Just a thought…...

hOhOi give u one vote!

kooky-love kooky-love Artist from Semarang, Indonesia


shelbii10 shelbii10 Human

vote 2!

shelbii9 shelbii9 Human

vote 1

Smx554 Smx554 Artist

I definitely like the zipper idea. props. +1

Una_chica Una_chica Artist

thanks for the vote and you got mine as well +1. good work!

rasefour rasefour Artist from Indonesia

smart concept… I like it… vote for you

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