tealesm tealesm Artist from CO, United States

nice lookin placement :) +1

kbeams21 kbeams21 Human

whoever designed this is a god

adameden adameden Artist

great concept and design

SaLoMuN SaLoMuN Artist

Really creative! a zipper! looks really cool and all the colors coming out! +1!

tecgirl tecgirl Artist

nice….it did change my life :)

Studio8Worx Studio8Worx Artist from Philippines

stylish!keep it up!Peace!+1

use skull art folk gotta stick together :) +1.

memokool memokool Artist

hehehe cool +1

spankme11 spankme11 Human

Bsev is a sexy mofo

yeah man thats really cool. id buy it

BSev BSev Human

i love how the skull is subliminally there. amazing

ronmonahan ronmonahan Artist


dudley53 dudley53 Human

Love all the color and it’s a nice idea for a design.

Pasr Pasr Artist

Nice!! i dont like black bg on this one, but there is a great concept and colors involve on it keep it up mate.

This is the sex. +1!!!!

Okay, THAT is cool

nice.. but i wouldve liked the zipper to be much smaller. Like how it would look if it was a real zipper. Right now its too big and doesnt give the illusion of a real zipper. Still voting for you though. :)

do check out my designs too will ya?


whoa!!! dont know what happened back there!!!

sanjay_z sanjay_z Human

Nice shirt

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

I like it. +1

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