mikefriedrich mikefriedrich Artist from Germany

yes! +666

ErionColder ErionColder Artist

really would love this, “mindbreaking” concept!!

Rawad Rawad Artist

i like it

Ptitecao Ptitecao Artist from France

Vraiment beau +1

cool idea. =) +1

charaspower charaspower Artist

thanks a lot

Old30Bastard Old30Bastard Artist from Tennessee, United States

+1 wicked design!

iQuitt iQuitt Artist

Oooohh… preeetty… haha! awesome! +1

DarkRelapse DarkRelapse Artist

Verrry nice…

darruda darruda Artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


jac1080 jac1080 Human

love this

tealesm tealesm Artist from CO, United States

nice concept! +one

gilmoreart gilmoreart Artist from United States

yup agreed, cool idea!

Brainbox Brainbox Artist


KBomb KBomb Human

Really dig this, I like the concept of manifesting what the birth of an idea looks like, well done!

Doco Doco Artist

Very cool, love the energy aura

I want it, +1

namzuk namzuk Artist

awesome i like +1

Dagget Dagget Human

Woah, this one looks great!

C0y0te7 C0y0te7 Artist from France

yeah +1

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