Fat-Mouse Fat-Mouse Artist from Romania

really awesome :j +1

always able to reinvent yourself.
you sexy beast you.

jimiyo jimiyo Artist from United States

Hell yeah she is!!!

jfish jfish Artist

I know what you mean about Melita, she’s amazing.

missmonster missmonster Artist from United States

Haha i love you Jimiyo! (fangirls)

ritzh ritzh Artist from Philippines

this is good. first vote!

eladear eladear Artist

Spectacular work!

cegrafia cegrafia Artist



blancnnoir blancnnoir Artist

yay, you will always get my vote :)

starry_eyez starry_eyez Artist from Sri Lanka

amazing work…..VOTED////

very cool. +1

geode geode Artist

great design! +1 :)

LOSmattocks LOSmattocks Artist

nice design.. may be a hair to much black.. overwhelmed a bit. never the less cool as always.

TheDoctorJ TheDoctorJ Artist

that is real sweet. I love the coloring on the tiger’s face.

Sunrisek Sunrisek Artist

i want this one =) +1

MyRocket MyRocket Artist


gustavo gustavo Artist from Brazil


Shah Shah Artist

Wow! Great drawing!

unHEARDof unHEARDof Artist

flippin awesome man, i would love to see a collab between the two of you :]

mj00 mj00 Artist from United States

I want to vote again!

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