choubak choubak Artist

great design really nice design +1
please check my organic shape

DarkRelapse DarkRelapse Artist

OOOOOOOO!!!!! very nice.

henna henna Artist

really nice placement, just wonder if the shape of cloud below can be more curly??? + from me

eladear eladear Artist

Simple, yet LOVELY. I really dig it and would wear it. +1

Check out mine when you can. Thanks!

Kahia Kahia Artist

i loved it on woot and voted again! good luck!

hodgey_15 hodgey_15 Human

really cool idea and awesome finished product. really like this a lot actually. hope for both our sakes it gets printed. +1

Brainbox Brainbox Artist

I Love this! Voted! Please Check out my ORIGINAL GANGSTER and tell me if you like it! Thanks

woekan woekan Artist

I normally don’t like black or white t’s, but this one speaks to me +1

lily55 lily55 Artist

good idea! +1

AdderXYU AdderXYU Human

Much better venue for a concept like this, say I. It looks way better oversized

Almost wish it went lower, tho… either more mountains, or more space between the clouds and ground.

Beautiful! Love the purple clouds!

fallen_ph fallen_ph Artist

i dig this one….simple…and i like the atmosphere it creates for the viewer. well done!

kypswei kypswei Artist from Arkansas (AR), United States

I like the emotion in this one. Always love oversized designs. Art and colors are wonderful. +1 (check out my design :)

Voted! It looks great loop!

Awesome design! I really hope this finally gets printed!

cool concept really like the contrast of the colors. +1 if u get a chance check out mines. good luck. thanks!!!

cafiero cafiero Artist

i really like these colors!

SailorButterfly SailorButterfly Human from United States

Very striking! ;)

iuliux iuliux Artist


xchrissyx xchrissyx Human

this shirt is dope.

awesome purple clouds!!

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