I want this so bad! Can you please reprint it? :C

kill2luv kill2luv Human from United States

Yes still waiting for some reprints!

It has been FOREVER since this was available. Seriously it has been like 4 or 5 sales at this point. Please, please, please, please, pleaseeeeeee reprint this. I would buy regardless of a sale since I have been waiting so long for it.

I got my tax return and I want to blow a bunch of it on DBH shirts! Please reprint this, I’ve been in love with this since it came out but haven’t had the money.

cuppacats cuppacats Human

I’ve been wanting this shirt forever now, so please, please, reprint this in Female. I’d love to add it to my wardrobe!

God damnit. Reprint only in female? I want it too! :/

cuppacats cuppacats Human

Thank you for the reprint, but I’m wondering why the female is in blue instead of black. Is it possible to get it in black?

Please,please,reprint woman in XL and all men´s shirts

kill2luv kill2luv Human from United States

Still no reprints for guys. Please if you do keep it in black, the blue does not look as good.

kill2luv kill2luv Human from United States

I wonder if a large in womens would fit me, Hmmm! I just might buy it in womens large….LOL!

alexkario alexkario Human

I want this shirt sooooooooooo Bad. I wish mens was still still available. Reprint?

kill2luv kill2luv Human from United States

Please reprint the mens sizes, don’t make me buy a girls t-shirt!!!! Pretty Please with sugar on top!!!!!

catsrsick catsrsick Human

i love this!!! it absolutly brillaint, deffinitly buing this

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