Andybeano Andybeano Human

Looks absolutely treeific! I can’t wait to wear it.

This is win.

Altrus Altrus Human

Out of all the shirts I’ve bought from this site, this shirt is definitely my favorite.

Visitor51 Visitor51 Artist

Got mine today. LOVIN’ IT!!!!!!

ordered! it will be walking around in Gothenburg! as often as possible!

Tyler22 Tyler22 Human

reprint mens medium?

Jestik Jestik Human

yay! so glad this was reprinted – it’s going in my cart!

iQuitt iQuitt Artist

Wow! I got a reprint? Yey!

Am also currently wearing this shirt while I’m typing up this comment at The Coffee Bean. Haha!

sockmonkee sockmonkee Artist

love the tree illy

great work and congrats on the print

arch56 arch56 Human

enjoyable, but the DBH logo is unnecessary

reprint women’s tees please!

Karu Karu Human

Reprint in women’s! I bought it and then got an Email sent to me saying out of stock! I was sooo disappointed…. That was back in July 2009 though.. lol And I still want this tee!

Biermacht Biermacht Human


norvz norvz Human


I agree with Biermacht reprint it in Large!!!!!!!

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