Beefcake Beefcake Artist

great christmas shirt, a little crowded though.

rdeelasian rdeelasian Artist

+1 from me. good for chistmas :)

duminda duminda Artist

cool +1 thanx for ur lovely comment on me

Kolja Kolja Artist from Serbia

Great illustrations +1

montysgun montysgun Human

loving this… voted!

funk! i love this. =) +1

thaYard thaYard Human

this is sweet…thanks for the referral

hannahannah hannahannah Artist

i like it! very cute :)

This is really cute! Too bad it couldn’t be printed already, in time for this holiday season. I would get one for next year though if it did print. Very cute!

lovely. +1


Ha, ha…dope, I like it…looks like my media induced crazy involuntary brain activity during these types of holidays… Voted, 1 up… peep my next one, hopefully it will be up by manyana…

nice +1

icelandic icelandic Artist

I like cartoons…really nice! +1 for the shirt!

icelandic icelandic Artist

I like cartoons…really nice! +1 for the shirt!

bluebeanie bluebeanie Artist

crazy stuff!! awesome illustration skills. +1

nice detail, love the hand-drawn look :) voted

Ey, spiffy design, you.
Would love to get it! +1

Rosef Rosef Human

this is probably the only christmas shirt i’ve ever seen that i would wear.

compixx compixx Artist

Fantastic! And thanks for dropping by my place. I look forward to seeing more of your submissions.

Vingnir Vingnir Human

Hehe, very cute, festive and what-not. I’ll admit I don’t normally go for cute, but this thing is so much so it very nearly parodies itself. And that is just never a bad thing. Outside of american presidents.

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