awesome drawing

russoturisto russoturisto Human from Russia

nice one

mibrenner mibrenner Human

Can we get some larges? I bought this in Large a few months ago and loved it..until I got arrested one night and the cop ripped it off of me.

btw..cop dropped the case for “overusing force”. I think it was the shirt.


Kristie Kristie Human

This has great meaning… I love the art work….Very nice!

killerjello killerjello Artist from United States

Graspy, hands are cool and creepy.

MicroIvan MicroIvan Human

I want this shirt! Please reprint it in more sizes! Or at least just medium for me!

laeon laeon Human

Impressive! very good drawing/sketches you did long times ago! :)

I’d just like to know, how do the different sizes fit? I’m 1,70M tall and weight about 62kg. so would a size M fit for me? i wouldn’t want it to sit too tight tho, just a bit loose.

muel87 muel87 Human

Make some more please! Large!

maxim maxim Human

Make some more please! Medium :)

small, yes? maybe?

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