K_Sisia K_Sisia Artist

Flippin Funtastic!

looks nice. lots of movment. you put any stuff up on walls where you live? color scheme is really vivid, which is good for me. maybe add some shadows to divide it up. maybe add more of the white spray effect that u have in the upper right near the bubbles. +1 what u think of mine?

Murderdoll Murderdoll Artist from United States

+1 from me

mkdesign mkdesign Artist

I don’t care for the hot pink/navy color combo, but the art is rad! +1! Also take a look at my design, SKATE OR DIE (optional yelling of ‘yeah bro!’) Thanks in advance!

pfg84 pfg84 Artist from London, United Kingdom

Nice work! don;t like the placement tho…

p0wl p0wl Artist

bad placement and bad shirt color, but great artwork!

Matej Matej Artist

COOL! +1


udin_grestz udin_grestz Artist

love it so much,voted +1.please check out my gallery and let me know what you think.

Dun see much street art here like this, nice to see +1

awesome typo man. =) +1

Brainbox Brainbox Artist

love it!

I would so buy this

chienchien chienchien Artist

This is a kinda of cool. Voted.

This t shirt has definately caught my eye
great graffiti and use of colour
can u chek out my design if u have time
and tell me what you think of my lil wayne t shirt



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