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pretty cool +1

Love This One, Basic But it tells a story

heh, nice! votes

haha, poor buger, I like how it looks on the tee and how it was colored!

great illustration +1

Weird but I like it +1 ;] Check my Mafia Paradise if u like

Very cool! +1 !Check out my latest design INTERCOURSE and tell me what you think?

great one, so good to see something fresh around here, +1

really nice design, its a nice juxtaposition of hand/digital. +1 from me :)

I Love you! Good work baby!

this i great. looks like me. hope things go better for the kid. +1 for being all digital, it doesn’t look it. what do you use?
tell me what you think of mine?

Nice work! But I am not sure about this on t-shirt…

It’s cool, but who would wear this? It’s kind of a weird image to rock on a shirt, you know?

Makes me think of oliver. Awqesome +1

really cool design +1, check mine out if you have time

i love the effects and how the illustration is colored =) +1

i love the effect, in fact i´m trying one design with it, i hope i can get it…. please check my also first entry and let me know what you think about it haha… +1

love this!

Awesome. It would have been nice to see some sort of soft image in the background to give the work more push-pull and pop.

Reminds me of Norman Rockwell, Girl with Black Eye

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