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Sumo shopping!! Nice concept and illustration. Voted.

nice, vote+1

hahahaha good job!

lol this is funny.

i agree that a thicker outline on the sumo would help.
also i’d like to see the composition developed a little bit more…
maybe the type coming out of the cart.

this is really tiny but the sumo’s hair is really distracting. it doesn’t emphasize the forward pushing motion. maybe just leave the hair “up.”

please check out my new submissions.
votes+comments greatly appreciated!


this was funny : )
it made me laugh and is very well illustrated : )

i like it +1

muito bom!

hmmm, i thought i’ve voted for this one…

Wow, very cool idea – funny stuff!
I was going to say the sumo dude needs to be bigger around the back and backside, but I guess he’ll expand when he eats that mammoth cake … :) Nice work.

Check my first submissions if you could, would be great to get some more critiques!!

Nice shirt design! Especially like the hand-drawn type. +1!


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