K_Sisia K_Sisia Artist

lovin’ it.

aogdesigns aogdesigns Artist

Nice work, +1.

thechild thechild Artist

really love the patterns +1

2fly 2fly Artist

Sweet designed and details.Perfect for a tee. Voted!

choubak choubak Artist

nice style+
please check my design

Brainbox Brainbox Artist

This is awesome! Put it on a real TEE!!!! VOTED

awesome shirt voted

there is something about it, i dont know it reminds me of futuristics comics like phanton 2040 and aeon flux

memokool memokool Artist

Nice background details sarah, nice work… really awesome. +1

pasici pasici Artist

Nice! It’s got good vibes. The detail reminds me of a quilt. +1

yajerus yajerus Artist

+1, check my design too

that’s cool, and i’m a big fan of kaleidoscopes ;)

Tisis Tisis Artist

love the style the background is impressively complex too nice job +1 plz check out my designs too id really appreciate it thanks peace

mikesw mikesw Artist

Hey this has a nice feel to it. Multi media apparel! Voted and I welcome feedback on my work.

+1 for u and check my design :)

Swiggly lines rock!What media is this? Ps. I heard about Garth and stuff was from IMDB, but it was from a poster, so I guess it could be wrong.

gilmoreart gilmoreart Artist from United States

That’s dope!

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