CiR3 CiR3 Human

Way too cool!!! I love it. The pose the, sneakers, the overall gangstaness of it all. Really pimpalicious!!!

ewebeler ewebeler Human

Where can I get one of those guns/sweet underwear?

Brainbox Brainbox Artist

nice! Voted! Please check out my Original Gangster and tell me if you like it! Thanks
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I’d like to see more definition in the crotch area

Tisis Tisis Artist

nicee job i like the shoes +1 hope you check out my design too ide reallly appreciate it thanks so much peace

memokool memokool Artist

heheh cool designs, nice colors 1+

stXSD515 stXSD515 Human

nice dude. i love the inverted thumb. background is a really nice touch too.

lexlevie lexlevie Artist

hehe sweet!
you have my vote!
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